Short Term Fellowships

The ISFG is offering travel fellowships for scientists to support transnational exchange visits between collaborating research groups for specific projects related to forensic genetics. Each fellowship includes financial support for travel and accommodation of up to EUR 1,000 for visits within the same continent, and up to EUR 2,000 for visits from continent to continent. The fellowship program will be renewed annually depending on available funding.
For the year 2019, there will be two calls. Each call is open for 10 applications to be selected:
  • First submission period starting March 1st, deadline April 15th 2019.
  • Second submission period starting September 1st, deadline October 15th 2019.
Full details about the application and selection procedures are described in the Terms of Reference for Short Term Fellowships available for downloading!
Please note that previous recipients of an ISFG fellowship are not eligible for another fellowship. Submissions should be sent by e-mail to

Fellowship recipients from previous calls and their reports can be found here:


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