Fellowship Awards

ISFG Short Term Fellowhips awarded in 2017

Recipient Coming from Visiting at Topic Report
Lode Sibbens KU Leuven (Belgium) University of Surrey (UK) Study of human circadian rhythms and blood-based biomarkers in a forensic context to estimate time of death Report
Fabio Oldoni University of Lausanne [Switzerland) George Washington University (USA) MPS sequencing of microhaplotype markers Report
Ana Freire Aradas University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) Jagellonian University Krákow (Poland) Study of age predictive model using DNA methylation Report
Dragana Zgonjanin-Bosic University of Novi Sad (Republic of Serbia) Department of Forensic Sciences and Criminology Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Rapidly mutating Y-STR markers in a new multiplex Report
Carlo Robino University of Torino (Italy) University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) Biogeographic differentiation of East African and other sub-Saharan African populations Report
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