Conference "Systems for Medical Decision, Support and Forensic Identification" in Prague 2017

The International Conference on "Systems for Medical Decision, Support and Forensic Identification" will be held February 22nd – 24th 2017, in Prague, The Czech Republic. This conference will be devoted to forensic ID software and medical decision support system.Medical decision support software uses several items of patient data to generate case-specific advice, regarding medical treatment or regimen. Forensic identification software uses subject-specific knowledge to evaluate the evidence from single source samples. With a medical decision support system, a doctor or patient becomes a client. With forensic identification, criminalist or finally a judge is a client. The same methods and techniques can be used to help clients to make decisions regarding health or guilt.
The Scientific Programme Committee asks for contributions about new methods, about existing decision support systems applied to new areas and about the evaluation of methods, techniques and systems. Decision support systems usually do not function stand-alone but depend on the data stored in feeder systems. Standardization is necessary to make communication between both types of systems possible. Contributions about encountered problems with communication between such systems and their solution are solicited.

Keynote speakers:

  • Mor Peleg, Israel
  • Norah Rudin, USA
Abstract Submission deadline is November 20th 2016. Registration for the conference is at

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