Gordon Research Conference "Forensic Analysis of Human DNA" June 17-22, 2018

The GRC meeting is going to take place in the Jordan Hotel at Sunday River in Maine, USA, and is chaired by Robin Cotton and Daniele Podini. The key topic "Enhancing Human Identification Through Development of Novel Methods and Emerging Applications" will be addressed in the following sessions:
  • The Unexpected Outcomes of More Powerful Forensic Technologies
  • Analysis of Samples at the Crime Scene
  • Novel Sample Preparation and Amplification Methods
  • DNA Transfer and Human Activity
  • Molecular Methods for Determination of Biological Fluids
  • Novel Marker Discovery and Emerging Applications Using Massively Parallel Sequencing
  • Probabilistic Genotyping-Advances and Concerns
  • Age, Ancestry and Appearance
  • Data Interpretation, Presentation of Evidence and the Future of Forensic DNA Analysis
Please note that participation is restricted and the application deadline is May 20, 2018. The full program with all speakers and detailed information for registration can be found at the conference website:

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