The first ISFG Summer School 2018

In association with the annual meeting of the Italian speaking ISFG Working Group (Ge.F.I.), the first ISFG Summer School will be held in Cantanzaro, Italy, on September 3-4, 2018. The summer school will offer eductional courses similar to those held prior to the international congresses of the ISFG, and is open to all researchers, students and practitioners in forensic genetics. The courses are sponsored by the ISFG, and ISFG members will receive a discount on the registration fees. The following courses are offered:
  • A - Paternity and kinship testing including X-chromosomal markers (T. Egeland)
  • B - DNA interpretation in criminal casework using probabilistic software (P. Gill)
  • C - Mitochondrial DNA analysis and interpretation using the EMPOP database (W. Parson)
  • D - Next generation sequencing and population studies using Snipper and Structure analysis (C. Phillips)
  • E - La Banca Dati Nazionale DNA italiana e l’accreditamento dei laboratori a norma ISO/IEC 17025 (R Biondo)
All details for registration can be found at

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