ESWG 2021 Virtual Scientific Meeting

The English Speaking Working Group of the ISFG will hold its annual meeting on October 20, 2021, as a one day virtual meeting.
  • One day virtual meeting with scientific presentations.
  • Share and discuss your research, case reports, ideas and experiences.
  • The meeting is open to all (although ISFG membership is encouraged).
  • The main theme of the meeting is the use of DNA and genetics for paternity & kinship analysis and missing person identification (including topics such as DNA extraction methods, DNA typing approaches, genetic polymorphisms, biostatistics, investigative genetic approaches, quality assurance and more).
  • The ESWG member meeting will be a part of this virtual event.
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Posted 3 months and 24 days ago by Peter M. Schneider (Last modified 3 months and 2 days ago)