Advanced online DNA interpretation course 2021-2022

The University of Lausanne is planning to run an advanced DNA interpretation course (date to be decided) that allows to assess results considering activity level propositions. Spread over 13 months, this 150 hour course represents an average workload of 4 hours per week. The course material is provided electronically, along with full support from the lecturers and discussion sessions. At the end of the course participants will be proficient to report given activity level propositions with likelihood ratios (computed with and without Bayesian Networks). A time-limited version of a Bayesian Network software is provided. The course is fully accredited. Candidates receive a certificate of participation, along with 5 ECTS credits. Further details, where you can also register your interest, at: or you can also contact us directly at
Prof. Dr. Christophe Champod, Prof. Dr. Franco Taroni, Prof. Dr. Alex Biedermann, DrSc. Tacha Hicks

Posted 1 year and 12 months ago by Prof. Dr. Peter M. Schneider † (Last modified 1 year and 12 months ago)