2023 | Cycle of Workshops - The state-of-the-art in forensic genetics | Porto | Portugal

A set of three Forensic Genetics Workshops are being organized at the I3S Institute in Porto, Portugal, in March of this year (23 and 24). “Cycle of Workshops - The state-of-the-art in forensic genetics” will be a hybrid event (on-site and online) entirely dedicated to the current status of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), DNA mixtures and X-chromosome markers. The Scientific (António Amorim, Iva Gomes, Nádia Pinto) and Organizing (Camila Costa, Catarina Xavier, Marisa Faustino, Sofia Antão Sousa, Verónica Gomes) Committees would like to welcome everyone to the lovely city of Porto and enjoy the full program available here
This event, sponsored by the Spanish and Portuguese Speaking Group of the ISFG (GHEP-ISFG), will be held mostly in Spanish and Portuguese, with some lectures in English.
Early-bird fees are available until February 7. Late registration until February 21.
Whether or not you can travel to Porto, this is a great opportunity for learning!
1. "NGS advancement topics: markers, data interpretation, casework applications" (full day workshop)
Christopher Phillips | María de la Puente | Ana Mosquera | Catarina Xavier | Óscar García
2. "DNA mixture interpretation" (half day workshop)
Probabilistic genotyping software: Limitations and differences of the existing computational tools and respective consequences on the evaluation of the evidence.
Lourdes Prieto | Pedro A. Barrio
3. "X-Chromosome markers: complex pedigrees, chromosomal abnormalities and kinship analyses" (half day workshop)
Daniel Kling | Nádia Pinto

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