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In memory of Peter M. Schneider (1955-2022)

Peter Schneider led the first collaborative exercise of the European DNA Working Group – EDNAP in the late 1980’th. Peter successfully managed to bridge the very different ideas of European forensic geneticists with strong opinions, leading to a successful harmonization in Europe of RFLP SLP DNA typing in crime cases. Peter continued his work for EDNAP for more than 30 years and co-authored 30 scientific articles from the EDNAP collaboration. Peter facilitated the collaboration between EDNAP and the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes - ENFSI - as well as all other EDNAP partners with his remarkable combination of giftedness, insight, and natural amiability. EDNAP has lost one of the founders of EDNAP and a grandfather of modern forensic genetics.
The EDNAP group in 2005The EDNAP group in 2005
EDNAP started life in October 1988 in London when a group of forensic scientists from various European countries came together to find a way of harmonizing the DNA technology for crime investigation. With the thought in mind that an integrated Europe with open borders could well see the escalation of cross-border crimes, there would be a need for forensic scientists to exchange data and compare results of DNA analysis.
At the 14th Congress of the ISFG (International Society for Forensic Genetics) in Mainz (1991), EDNAP was accepted as a working group. It was intended that each European country should be represented by one laboratory with sufficient scientific expertise in forensic DNA technology. As a small group, EDNAP is able to make decisions solely based on scientific considerations and in the spirit of helping each other.

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