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Meetings of the EDNAP Group

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No. Date Place Special Topic Minutes
1. 16 10.1988 Sunbury, UK First Meeting Agenda
2. 04.02.1989 Münster, Germany First collaborative exercise on SLPs decided,
acronym 'EDNAP' introduced
SLP exercise samples
3. 06.10.1989 Den Haag, Netherlands First results of first SLP exercise Minutes
4. 01.04.1990 Bramshill, UK Statistics Minutes
5. 30.11.1990 Strasbourg, France Final results of first SLP exercise Minutes
6. 19.04.1991 Rome, Italy Results of second SLP exercise
Aims and scope of the EDNAP group
7. 16.05.1992 Oslo, Norway Decision to move to STR's:
first collaborative exercise on TH01 and SE33
8. 06.03.1993 Santiago de Compostela, Spain Quadmix STR exercise
9. 16.10.1993 Venice, Italy (ISFG Congress) Minutes
10. 26.03.1994 Copenhagen, Denmark Results from Quadmix exercise Minutes
11. 22.10.1994 Coimbra, Portugal Multiplexes and plans for databases Minutes
12. 27.05.1995 Athens, Greece Statistics Minutes
13. 24.02.1996 London, UK D21S11 and FGA nomenclature resolved
Plans for EU network grant
14. 20.10.1996 Mainz, Germany Intl. Symposium on 'Legal Issues in Forensic DNA Analysis'
15. 22.03.1997 Brussels, Belgium STADNAP network introduced Minutes
16. 02.09.1997 Oslo, Norway (ISFG Congress) Minutes
17. 18.01.1998 Rome, Italy STADNAP working parties
new exercises on autosomal and Y-STRs, mtDNA
18. 13.06.1998 Innsbruck, Austria 10th EDNAP anniversary (European Promega Meeting) Minutes
19. 15.01.1999 Tenerife, Spain STADNAP & EDNAP-ENFSI relationship Minutes
20. 14.05.1999 Mechelen, Belgium STADNAP hearing 'New Technologies in Forensic DNA Analysis'
21. 04.05.2000 Dublin, Ireland (Intl. Conference on Forensic Science) Minutes_I
22. 05.09.2000 Santiago de Compostela, Spain (XVIIIth IALM Congress) Minutes_I
23. 16.06.2001 Linköping, Sweden P.D. Martin & P. Lincoln retire Minutes
24. 26.01.2002 Zurich, Switzerland mtDNA exercise from hair, Y-SNP exercise launched Minutes
25. 09.11.2002 Porto, Portugal (3rd Intl. Y-User Workshop) Minutes
26. 10.05.2003 Strasbourg, France 2nd mtDNA exercise from hair,
final manuscript on STR typing of degraded DNA
27. 15.04.2004 Nicosia, Cyprus First joint EDNAP/ENFSI meeting Minutes
28. 02.09.2004 Dublin, Ireland SNP & miniSTR exercise Minutes
29. 04.04.2005 Glasgow, UK Proposal for new ESS loci Minutes
30. 26.04.2006 Bled, Slovenia 1st SNP exercise results Minutes
31. 11.09.2006 Tallinn, Estonia 2nd SNP exercise results
Launch of EMPOP
32. 17.04.2007 Krakow, Poland mtDNA SNP exercise results Minutes
33. 12.09.2007 Rome, Italy Plans for revised MiniFiler exercise
Proposals for future EDNAP exercises
34. 22.04.2008 Prague, Czech Rep Results from MiniFiler exercise
Forensic validation strategies
35. 23.09.2008 Zürich, Switzerland 20th EDNAP anniversary; H. Schmitter retires
New exercises on SNPs (GenPlex) and mRNA
36. 22.04.2009 Lisbon, Portugal Results of first mRNA exercise Minutes
37. 20.10.2009 Edinburgh, Scotland Second mRNA exercise,
low template DNA & mixture interpretation
38. 13.04.2010 Scheveningen, Netherlands Results of second mRNA exercise Minutes
39. 27.09.2010 Kiev, Ukraine Third mRNA exercise Minutes
40. 06.04.2011 Brussels, Belgium vWA-D12 linkage disequilibrium?
Open source software
41. 24.10.2011 Athens, Greece Repetition of third mRNA exercise Minutes
42. 24.04.2012 Linköping, Sweden Fourth mRNA exercise Minutes
43. 31.10.2012 Brussels, Belgium Fifth mRNA exercise Minutes
44. 23.04.2013 Bratislava, Slovakia IrisPlex exercise Minutes
45. 20.11.2013 Athens, Greece Sixth mRNA exercise Minutes
46. 22.04.2014 Tbilisi,Georgia AIMs and mRNA exercises Minutes
47. 19.11.2014 Zürich, Switzerland AIMs and mRNA exercises Minutes
48. 28.04.2015 Copenhagen, Denmark AIMs and mtDNA SNP exercises Minutes
49. 20.10.2015 Santiago de Compostela, Spain mtDNA SNP exercise Minutes
50. 26.04.2016 Warsaw, Poland mtDNA SNP exercise, Age and methylation of DNA Minutes
51. 08.11.2016 Rome, Italy Age and methylation of DNA; mRNA analysis by MPS Minutes
52. 25.04.2017 Vilnius, Lithuania Age and methylation of DNA by MPS Minutes
53. 25.10.2017 Athens, Greece mRNA part 2 exercise Minutes
54. 17.04.2018 Rome, Italy mRNA part 2; Age and methylation of DNA by MPS Minutes
55. 30.10.2018 Innsbruck, Austria 30th EDNAP anniversary; new exercises
on mtDNA quantification and heteroplasmy detection
56. 07.05.2019 Madrid, Spain mtDNA quantification Minutes
57. 23.10.2019 Riga, Latvia DNA Transfer Minutes
58. 27.09.2022 Lisbon, Portugal After Corona Minutes
59. 03.10.2023 Oslo, Norway EDNAP's future? Minutes
60a. 29.05.2024 Copenhagen, Denmark EDNAP Minutes Minutes
60b. 29.05.2024 Copenhagen, Denmark EDNAP Statutes Statutes
60c. 29.05.2024 Copenhagen, Denmark EDNAP Terms of Reference ToR
Please note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no formal meeting was held in the period October 2020 to September 2022.

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