Letter to THE TIMES to support the FSS

The ISFG board has sent a letter to The Times to address the consequences of closing the Forensic Science Service (FSS) for the advancement of forensic genetic research in the UK. Sir Alec Jeffreys and Sir Edwin Southern are among the 33 signatories (see full text).
The letter has already caused a strong reaction both in England, as well as internationally, as can be seen from the articles published by the BBC and the LA Times. This BBC news video carries a statement by the chairman of our DNA commission, Professor Peter Gill (Strathclyde/Oslo).
In a newspaper statement, Sir Alec Jeffreys said: "I would love to know a little bit more about the thinking, if indeed any thinking at all went into this bizarre decision, and whether that thinking involved any understanding whatsoever about the nature of forensic science and its importance in delivering justice."

Posted 13 years and 6 months ago by Prof. Dr. Peter M. Schneider † (Last modified 13 years and 6 months ago)