ISFG General Assembly 2015 in Kraków

During the 26th ISFG Congress in Kraków, Poland, the General Assembly has elected Walther Parson (Innsbruck) as the new president of the society. Also, John Butler (Gaithersburg, MD) was elected as new Representative of the Working Parties, and Leonor Gusmão (Rio de Janeiro) was reelected as Treasurer of the ISFG.
Furthermore, the Assembly decided that Wolfgang R. Mayr (Vienna), the former secretary of the ISFG, and president of the two ISFG congresses in Vienna 1987 and 2011, as well as George Sensabaugh (Berkeley, CA), the president of the ISFG congress 1999 in San Francisco, will become Honorary Members of the ISFG.
As venue for the 28th ISFG Congress in 2019, the city of Prague (Czech Republic) was elected by the members of the assembly.

Posted 8 years and 10 months ago by Prof. Dr. Peter M. Schneider † (Last modified 8 years and 10 months ago)