New versions of EuroForMix and CaseSolver

Øyvind Bleka (Department of Forensic Sciences, Oslo University Hospital) has updated EFM and CS.
The newest version of EFM is euroformix4.0.1 (compatible with R v4.2.x). Please visit to download the zip file. Some of the new features of this version are: better speed, better functionalities for Bayesian based LR, new GUI layouts and new functions which simplify terminal interface.
The newest version of CS is casesolver2.0.0 (compatible with R v4.2.x, requires EFM v4.0.1 to run). Please visit to download the zip file. The main advantages of this version are: faster qualitative and quantitative calculations, and more information on conservative LR calculations, but there are other interesting new features (for instance, IBS calculations now also show the number of mismatches, the user can modify the MatchStatus of any evidence profile, verbal statement for reporting is now only up to a certain LR threshold)
Many thanks to the EFM team for maintaining and improving these very useful tools!
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Posted 1 year and 6 months ago by Dr. Lourdes Prieto Solla (Last modified 1 year and 6 months ago)