PMS Forensic Genetics Facebook Group

Historically, a Facebook Group was founded in 2012 by our dear friend and colleague Prof. Dr. Peter M. Schneider (1955-2022), a mentor and role model in the field of Forensic Genetics. He opened it under the acronym EUROFORGEN in response to a request from the European Union that suggested research activities from EU-funded projects should also be disseminated on social media. After completing the EUROFORGEN project in 2017, Peter continued to curate this community site, which has now reached a significant size and contains various posts relevant to the forensic genetics’ community.
Peter was also a long-time member of the executive board of the International Society for Forensic Genetics. As board members, we have often discussed the use of social media to support communication between forensic geneticists and stakeholders. As a result, ISFG has “gone social” and now offers curated accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and X to educate members on topics relevant to our society. In addition, the ISFG board discussed setting up a more flexible community website to also give members the opportunity to contribute, but decided against it because the EUROFORGEN community website already existed and we did not want to create redundancy or competition.
The ISFG board has decided to continue Peter's work and assume responsibility for this group and the website under the new acronym PMS-Forensic-Genetics. It was very important to Peter to support young scientists and he was actively involved in networking, training and continued education. Our goal is to maintain and curate this community page to honor Peter's tireless work.
We invite contributions relevant to this field of research and practice.

Posted 5 months and 6 days ago by Dr. Lourdes Prieto Solla (Last modified 5 months and 6 days ago)