Honorary Members

"Scientists, whose contributions are of great importance in respect to forensic serology and any other individuals who especially deserve acknowledgement by the society can be nominated as honorary members. This is subject to decision by the General Assembly."
(§ 5, section 6 of the ISFG statutes)
The following scientists have been awarded as honorary member of the ISFG:
  1. Prof. Dr. E. Essen-Möller, Alsbäck/Lysekil, Schweden
  2. Prof. Dr. P. Dahr, Bensberg b. Köln
  3. Prof. Dr. E. Krah, Heidelberg
  4. Prof. Dr. M. Krüpe, Fulda
  5. Prof. Dr. Dr. W. Zimmermann, Homburg/Saar
  6. Prof. Dr. J.-J. van Loghem, Amsterdam
  7. Prof. Dr. F. Levine, Raritan, N. J., USA
  8. Dr. R. R. Race, London
  9. Dr. R. Sanger, London
  10. Prof. Dr. O. Prokop, Berlin
  11. Prof. Dr. H. Leithoff, Mainz
  12. Prof. Dr. K. Hummel, Freiburg
  13. Dr. B. Dodd, London
  14. Dr. E. van Loghem, Amsterdam
  15. Dr. M. Pereira, London
  16. Prof. Dr. E. Schwarzfischer, München
  17. Prof. Dr. C. P. Engelfriet, Amsterdam
  18. Prof. Dr. K. Henningsen, Kopenhagen
  19. Dr. A. G. Gathof, Würzburg
  20. Prof. Dr. H. H. Hoppe, Hamburg
  21. Prof. Dr. W. Spielmann, Frankfurt/Main
  22. Prof. Dr. D. A. Hopkinson, London
  23. Prof. Dr. H. Matsumoto, Takatsuki/Osaka
  24. Prof. Dr. A. Arndt-Hanser, Mainz
  25. Prof. Dr. R. Bütler, Zollikofen
  26. Prof. Dr. A. Jeffreys, Leicester
  27. Prof. Dr. A. Fiori, Rome
  28. Prof. Dr. E. Villanueva, Granada
  29. Prof. Dr. P.J. Lincoln, London
  30. Prof. Dr. Ch. Rittner, Mainz
  31. Prof. Dr. B. Brinkmann, Münster
  32. Prof. Dr. B. Olaisen, Oslo
  33. Prof. Dr. W. Bär, Zürich
  34. Dr. J. Gómez Fernández, Madrid
  35. Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang R. Mayr, Vienna
  36. Prof. George Sensabaugh, Berkeley
  37. Prof. Liu Yacheng, Beijing
  38. Prof. Ate Kloosterman, Amsterdam
  39. Dr. Hermann Schmitter, Wiesbaden
  40. Prof. Dr. António Amorim, Porto
  41. Prof. Dr. Bruce Budowle, Fort Worth, Texas
  42. Prof. Dr. Daniel Corach, Buenos Aires
  43. Prof. Dr. Kenneth Kidd, New Haven
  44. Prof. Dr. Niels Morling, Copenhagen

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