Compliance with statutes

Rules for referring to the ISFG membership

The ISFG is a scientific society aiming at supporting the scientific interests of all its members. Therefore, the ISFG membership shall not be used for advertisement purposes. All members shall respect this rule written in §4 Section 7 of the ISFG statutes.

What does it mean?

Companies and all other laboratories offering commercial services shall not display the ISFG member status or the ISFG logo on their website. Members, who do not conform to these simple rules, shall be exposed on the ISFG website. ISFG members who do not conform to these rules will receive a warning. If they do not respond accordingly to the warning, the membership will be revoked.
See below for a short guide of what is acceptable, and what is not acceptable:
  • The ISFG logo shall not be used by anybody without authorization by the ISFG board.
  • A simple text link to the ISFG website is acceptable.
  • The ISFG is not an accrediting body and any reference to “ISFG accreditation” is wrong and shall not be used.
  • Laboratories participating in the proficiency testing schemes offered by the English Speaking (ESWG) and the Spanish/Portuguese Speaking (GHEP) Working Groups are permitted to refer to their participation. The preferred way to demonstrate the ESWG and GHEP proficiency test results is posting a pdf or image file of the original certificate. In this manner, the participation date and the exercise results can be verified.
  • Companies and all other laboratories offering commercial services shall not list the ISFG membership of management or staff members on their website.
Members misrepresenting their participation, their test results or misusing the ISFG membership for advertisement purposes will be exposed on the ISFG web site, and run the risk of being excluded from the ISFG (according to section 7, §4 of the ISFG statutes) and of being legally prosecuted.

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