ISFG - International Society for Forrensic Genetics 

WP1: State-of-the-art survey


  • Description of the importance of DNA profiling in forensic casework in Europe.
  • Identification of of the current typing systems used for DNA profiling in Europe.
  • Definition of criteria relevant for the selection of efficient DNA typing systems in stain analysis.
  • Description of the requirements related to accuracy and reproducibility of typing methods.
  • Liaison with WP2 for recommendations on future research orientations and method developments.


  1. Organize national surveys for a compilation of the current situation in forensic DNA profiling related to the objectives in all EU member states as well as the Associated States Norway and Switzerland,
  2. compile a database of typing systems, methods, and technologies,
  3. develop a hierarchy of relevant criteria for the selection of suitable DNA typing systems with respect to casework scenarios (e.g. reliability, robustness, specificity, informative value, etc.)
  4. analyze the results from the intercomparison exercises (in cooperation with WP2).

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