ISFG - International Society for Forrensic Genetics 

WP3: Technology transfer programme


  • Exchange of methods and application between the participants.
  • Promotion of short-term collaborations related to the work programme.
  • Transfer of technology between the participating laboratories for implementation of new methods or technology.
  • Provision of short-term secondments for laboratory visits to promote more intensive collaboration, preferably such that one laboratory from each Member and Associated State may be entitled to only one secondment.
  • Liaison with WP1 for identification of technological gaps between the European countries.


  1. Identify areas of technological developments important for European standardization of DNA profiling techniques,
  2. identify suitable host labs to provide training for specific techniques,
  3. provide short-term secondments (approx. 2 weeks each) for exchange of personnel (number of secondments limited to a top ceiling of ECU 24,000),
  4. develop an application and reviewing procedure for secondments (short written proposal by applicant subjected to internal peer review),
  5. evaluate the success of the training programme.

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