Scientific Prize

The prizes can be awarded every two years for outstanding scientific work in the field of forensic genetics (Scientific Excellence Award) and for outstanding contributions in the field of Forensic Genetics throughout a long period (Lifetime Achievement Award). According to the statutes for the ISFG prizes, candidates can apply directly or are nominated by a member of the Society.

The prizes have been awarded to the following scientists:

2022 ­ Charla Marshall - Scientific Excellence Award
Bruce Budowle - Lifetime Achievement Award
Dover, DE (USA)
Fort Worth, TX (USA)
2019 ­ Thore Egeland
Christopher Phillips
Oslo (Norway)
Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
2017 ­ Manfred Kayser Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
2015 ­ Thomas J. Parsons Sarajevo (Bosnia & Hercegovina)
2013 ­ Peter D. Gill
Prize lecture: Origin of modern forensic genetics
Oslo (Norway)
(recorded Powerpoint video)
2009 ­ Antonio Salas Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
2007 ­ Reinhard Szibor Magdeburg (Germany)
2005 ­ Walther Parson Innsbruck (Austria)
2003 ­ John Butler Gaithersburg, MD (USA)
1999 ­ Lutz Roewer Berlin (Germany)
1997 ­ Antti Sajantila
Colin Kimpton / the UK National DNA Database group
Helsinki (Finland)
Birmingham (England)
1989 ­ Manfred Hochmeister Bern (Switzerland)
1987 ­ Wolfgang Dahr Cologne (Germany)

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