First Report by the Forensic Databases Advisory Board (FDAB) – Revised version, September 2023

This first report of the Forensic Databases Advisory Board (FDAB) aims to provide the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG) with a framework to assess the ethical implications of hosting data from a variety of population groups on the forensic genetic frequency databases (FGFD) known as Y-chromosome Haplotype Reference Database (YHRD), the EDNAP Mitochondrial DNA Population Database (EMPOP) and the STRs for Identity ENFSI Reference Database (STRidER).
Ethical considerations in this report include questions of data acquisition, data sensitivity and identifiability and ethical principles to be implemented.
The report (v.September 2023) is available here
Many thanks to the FDAB team for their efforts in creating and improving this very important document!

Posted 4 months and 23 days ago by Dr. Lourdes Prieto Solla (Last modified 4 months and 23 days ago)