Editorial1993 (Article)

Bär W., Brinkmann B., Lincoln P., Mayr W., Rossi U., Budowle B., Fourney R., Gill P., Rand S. (1993), 'Editorial: Statement by DNA Commission of the International Society for Forensic Haemogenetics concerning the National Academy of Sciences report on DNA Technology in Forensic Science in the USA.', Forensic Sci. Int. 59(1), 1-2 File

Abstract During 1992 the National Research Council of America’s National Academy of Sciences published its long awaited report on 'DNA Technology in Forensic Science'. Perhaps not surprisingly the contents of the report stimulated considerable discussion both in and out of the courts, among scientists as well as lawyers and not only in the USA. The following statement was recently issued by the DNA Commission of the International Society for forensic Haemogenetics and circulated to all members of their Society.

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