22nd ISFG Congress 2007 in Copenhagen

Homepage of the 22nd CongressHomepage of the 22nd Congress
The venue of the 22nd congress was Tivoli Garden in the heart of Copenhagen. Prior to the congress, two days of educational workshops were organized to provide a possibility for continuing education on a number of relevant topics in forensic genetics. The workshops were held in the University of Copenhagen. The meeting was a great success, more than 200 persons participated in the eductational workshops, and about 500 persons attended the congress. The relevant information about the 22nd ISFG congress is given below together with selected presentations from the pre-congress workshops, and two albums with photos from the meeting.

Pre-Congress Workshop Presentations

1. STR Technology


2. Statistics


3. Mitochondrial DNA


ISFG Congress

The executive board gratefully acknowledges the contributions of our colleagues who have agreed to make their presentations available in PDF format to the members of our society. The board kindly requests that the authorship and source of these data is referenced when used in public. Please note our Copyright Statement.

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