Arabian Speaking Working Group

مجموعة عمل متحدثي اللغة العربية
At the general assembly of the International Society of Forensic Genetics (ISFG), on 12/9/2019, the establishment of an Arabian Speaking Working Group has been approved based on a proposal submitted by Dr. Rashid Al Ghafri, from the General Department of Forensic Sciences and Criminology at Dubai Police in the United Arab Emirates on behalf of the Arab Members in the ISFG. This was a long-awaited demand aligned with the rest of other working groups under the ISFG. Due to the nature of the genetic, cultural and civilizational differentiation of the Arab region compared to others and the urgent need for inter-cooperation to advance this field in-line with the global trends, we would like to initiate the Group’s work by defining its identity, goals, and mechanisms for joint collaboration in the field of forensic genetics to serve justice in all Arab nations.


Pioneering and Excellency in applying top standards in forensic genetics applications.

Our Mission:

Encouraging joint collaborations between forensic and education institutes in Arab world by unifying analysis procedures in forensic genetics laboratories and overcome challenges in accordance with international quality standards and ethics.


  • Raising awareness and spread the importance of genetics application in forensic investigation.
  • Promote research collaborations between Arabs members to evaluate the best practices in accordance with international quality standards.
  • Encouraging the enhancement of genetic databases according to the latest developments in the field.
  • Finding solutions to overcome challenges in forensic genetics applications


Anyone who wants to participate in the Arab group must first be a member of the ISFG which needs two ISFG members recommendations and pay an annual amount of 60 EUR.

Collaborations Efforts:

  • Training programs and workshops for members.
  • Annual meetings.
  • Joint research which serves the application of genetics techniques in Arab’s forensic laboratories.
  • Annual inter-laboratories proficiency test practice between Arab’s nations.
  • Encouraging members to share knowledge including opinions and observations.


Rashed Alghafri
General Department of Forensic Sciences and Criminology
Dubai Police
United Arab Emirates

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