Chinese Speaking Working Group

Membership of the Chinese Speaking Working Group (CSWG) is open to all Chinese speaking members of the ISFG. There will be no other membership fee in addition to that payable to the ISFG. Aims of the Chinese Speaking Working Group are:
  • exchange of experiences, working on quality control, and stimulation of cooperation between the members,
  • sharing scientific knowledge and findings in the field of interest,
  • development of educational opportunities in forensic genetics in China.
The board administering the CSWG is responsible for organizing the meetings of the group. The board represents the working group.


Prof. Dr. Yiping Hou
Institute of Forensic Medicine
Sichuan University
Ren Min Nan Lu 3-17
610041 Chengdu (Sichuan)
Phone +86 28 85 50 15 50
Fax +86 28 85 50 15 49

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