Japanese Speaking Working Group

The Japanese working group of the ISFG is currently inactive. Please contact the Japanese Society for DNA Polymorphism Research (JSDPR)for forensic DNA issues in Japan. The JSDPR was first established in 1991 with the solemn objective of “contributing to the progress and advancement of human, plant and animal DNA polymorphism research.” The JSDPR holds its annual congress in November and publishes its own periodical the DNA Takei (DNA polymorphism).
Japanese Society for DNA Polymorphism Research (JSDPR)
office e-mail: dnapol@sch.md.shinshu-u.ac.jp

Registration of members at ISFG.ORG

ISFG members who have entered the society earlier than 2008, and who do not yet have online access, are kindly requested to contact the administrator.

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