Korean Speaking Working Group

Membership of the Korean Speaking Working Group (KSWG) is open to all Korean speaking members of the ISFG. There will be no other membership fee in addition to that payable to the ISFG.
The purpose of the KSWG is (1) to be a conduit of communication between Korean speaking individuals who are interested in forensic genetics, and (2) to contribute to the forensic community by working on projects which need multi-institute participation including a QA/QC program, and (3) to facilitate academic improvement of members through cooperation, and (4) to be a channel for international exchange in the forensic genetics community.
This webpage is currently under construction and more information on the goals and initiatives of the Korean Speaking Working Group will be posted shortly.


Many KSWG members participated in the symposium on "Criminal DNA databases and Forensic Genetics” that took place during the 2011 annual meeting of the Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology.
The 2014 IAFS meeting will be held in Seoul.


The Korean Speaking Working Group was proposed and approved during the general assembly at the 24th World Kongress of the ISFG, September 2011, in Vienna, Austria. The members of the board are as follows:

Executive Board


Soong Deok Lee
Department of Forensic Medicine, Seoul National University Medical College
28 Yongon-dong, Chongno-gu
110-799 Seoul
Korea, Republic of
Phone 82-2-740-8353
Fax 82-2-764-8340

Vice Chairman

Dr. Seung Hwan Lee
DNA Analysis Lab. Division of Forensic DNA, Supreme Prosecutors' Office, 706 Banporo, Seocho 3 Dong, Seocho Gu
137-730 Seoul
Korea, Republic of
Phone +82-2-3480-3707
Fax +82-2-3480-3606

Vice Chairman

Dr. Han Myun-Soo
Jungheung-S-Class 106-603, Woncheondong
Gwanggyo-hosu-daero 277,
16517 SuwonCity (Gyeonggido(Province))
Korea, Republic of
Phone +82-10-4121 7721


Dr. Hwan Young Lee
Dept of Forensic Medicine
Seoul National University College of Medicine
103 Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu
03080 Seoul
Korea, Republic of
Phone +82 2 740 8352
Fax +82 2 764 8340

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